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What's an up-to-date method of getting S-OFF on a HTC One S?

All the instructions I can find for getting S-OFF on a HTC One S seem to be out-of-date. These instructions ask you to download but the link takes you to website which thinks it's ...
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HTC ONE (M9) - S-OFF sunshine & cyanogenmod

Ok guys i'm in a real problem! I cannot make or receive phone calls for one week... it all started when I got bored with the original OS of the HTC One M9, so I rooted the phone and installed CM13 ...
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Getting Android 4.x on the HTC Holiday (with complications)

Device: AT&T HTC Holiday w/ Android 2.3 & no service Goal: To get Android 4.x (any derivative) working on said device. Problem: When I tried to install the PACMAN ROM (by loosely following ...
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How to S-Off on HTC One M7, HBOOT-1.61

I have a HTC ONE M7 purchased from T-Mobile. I rooted it and have CyanogenMod installed in it. Recently, I switched to different carrier. Now, my phone rejects foreign sim card and asks for Network ...
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S-Off Evo 4G LTE

So I have an HTC Evo 4G LTE that I'm working on, and I upgraded Hboot to version 2.10. That probably wasn't quite as brilliant of an idea as I thought, being as now I can't seem to gain S-Off. I know ...
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HTC Desire S-Off

My HTC Desire is stuck in a boot loop: I am trying to set S-Off so that I can use the Windows version of ADB and delete some ...
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On Rooting Desire HD

I came across this forum post on rooting and getting S-OFF in HTC Desire HD. In step 6 it says You should see the $ turn into a #. If this happens, congrats you have root access. and continues ...
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Incredible 4G LTE: Things I need to do after getting s-off

I went through the tutorial found here and was able to unlock the bootloader, get s-off, get CWM installed, and superuser. Here are the questions I am having now. Should I relock the bootloader after ...
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Is there a way to obtain temporary root (until next boot) on a locked HTC device without S-OFF?

Let's say I want to run some app requiring root access on my HTC Droid DNA (2.06 stock firmware, 4.1 Android, NOT broken, meaning it's S-ON). My (somewhat naive) understanding of S-ON/S-OFF is that ...
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Does ROM Manager need S-OFF?

I want to try the CyanogenMod9 Alpha builds for the T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide [MT4GS/Doubleshot] and all the instructions say I need S-OFF. The problem is that I have HBOOT 1.55 so software solutions ...
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