Today I had I have received a MIUI updated on my RedMi 2.
[Note: The phone is rooted and has CWM installed]

The phone was supposed to boot and start the updated but for some reason it got stuck in bootloop.

At the moment I can only enter in fastboot mode, recovery it is not working.
How to recover it ?


Ok here how I have managed to correctly boot the phone:

  1. Boot in fastboot mode ( power + volume down )
  2. Flash again CWM: fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  3. boot into CWM: fastboot boot recovery.img
  4. reboot the system using CWM (fix root)
  5. re-flash with flashify

step 3 is to be sure that CWM will be rebooted.
step 5 is to be sure CWM is flashed ( in the past I have experienced some problem flashing the recovery image with fastboot )

There is probably some other way but this way worked for me so it maybe useful to other as well.


Don't forget to wipe cache partition.

  • add this as a comment / edit my answer or post a complete answer
    – Francesco
    Dec 18 '16 at 7:44

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