I have a HTC One X (International model) and have been trying to install Resurrection Remix as a way to get a more modern Android version. I've unlocked the bootloader and installed ClockworkMod Recovery I cannot get Resurrection Remix installed. I keep getting this error:

Your recovery is using the new storage layout but the ROM you're trying to install is not. Flash a compatible recovery and format /data and /sdcard or use a compatible ROM.

I've tried 6 different versions of Resurrection Remix, the latest one being cm-12-20150228-UNOFFICIAL-endeavoru-big.zip. It explicitly states it uses the new storage layout, though I still get that error. I followed the steps described in this blog post, and I've also been Googling the error. It seems other people have run into it, though I can't find any actual solution.

Should I be using another ROM? Should I use an older/different version of ClockworkMod? Is the error wrong and caused by some issue not related to the ROM layout?

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I've now managed to make a working installation. I followed this YouTube video and the blog post it links. The main difference being the usage of a special version of TWRP rather than ClockworkMod Recovery. Note that the android version included there is 5.0.2, so you might want to use a more recent one instead.

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