I have a Motorola Moto 4G 2nd gen and since purchase I have used google's gmail application for my email. Everything worked fine. I would receive emails very quickly without having to do much.

However, after some problems with my phone I upgraded to lollipop (5.1) and what a disaster. The biggest problem is it now doesn't automatically download my emails. I seem to have to visit "Social", or "Promotions" and then click back in to "Primary", which seems to trigger a sync and find my awaiting email.

How on earth can I fix this? I cannot spend my day having to do just between Primary and Social to check whether I have an email or not.

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Your setting for Sync is disabled. Enable the setting for Sync in Status-bar. Hope your problem may be solved. thanks


You could try removing and re-adding your Google Account.

Settings > Accounts > Google.

Remove it, reboot the phone, and then go through the process of re-adding it.

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