All of my apps are gone. All of the built-in, external storage apps had disappeared.

It happened when my phone's battery was dead, and when I turned it on after charging, everything was gone. I can see my apps in the application manager but it shows that all of the apps are disabled and I can do nothing.
I cant even add a picture here.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy Grandneo Plus

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    Try booting into safe-mode and see if you can re-enable the apps from there. Wiping cache (that's the app cache, not Dalvik/ART) cannot hurt either; all recoveries offer that (see our recovery-mode tag-wiki for how to enter recovery, and for other details). – Izzy Dec 30 '16 at 11:30

All I know about "disabled apps" is when the device is booted into Safe Mode.

Maybe your device is on Safe Mode.  This happened, when you "accidentally" pressed a button on your device while booting up.  Try checking, if it has a "Safe Mode" displayed on your screen, usually at the corners.

Rebooting the device normally would surely fix the problem.

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