I've got a Xiaomi Mi5 (gemini) and I encounter the problem of ghost input. I guess my phone could be water-damaged even though I'm not sure. To backup my data I need to access the phone (not just it's flash memory, I need to backup using specific apps). The phone itself still works fine, except the abnormal touchscreen which is ghost touching the phone permanently. I need to disable specific parts of the touchscreen, or if not possible the touchscreen drivers themselves.

I've already tried this solution, but my init.rc does not include any /tsp.

  • What I've successfully tried so far: 1. rm -rf /dev/input/event2 (disables touchscreen input) 2. touch /dev/input/event2 (enables adb input tap /swipe funcitonality) 3. pm install teamviewer.apk (downloaded from net) and adb shell monkey -p app.package.name -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1 (replaced app.package.name by TeamViewer package name) 4. Etablished connection BUT... I can't touch input my device :/ Any suggestions?
    – A. Dro. ID
    Mar 22 '18 at 20:43

I've found the solution myself.

To follow the steps check these requirements:

  • superuser permissions
  • debugging enabled
  • ability to accept debugging request on phone

Find and delete the file which proceeds touch input. In my case it was /dev/input/event2, but it can be another file in the dev/input directory as well. To delete execue the following commands (given adb-tools are installed):

  1. adb shell
  2. su (grant superuser permissions)
  3. rm -rf /dev/input/event2 (replace event2 with your corresponding file if necessary)
  4. touch /dev/input/event2 (to be able to use input commands such as input tap x y and input swipe x y x y, replace event2 with corresponding file if necessary)

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