When I search something in google, I get a suggestion from google about its meaning and details in Hindi Language. I don't know whether it is based on some geo location or something. I neither know Hindi nor wanted to learn it.

Is there some ways in which I could turn this feature off? I don't know why google is suggesting something to me which I don't even know.

What I have already done:

  1. Went to My Account
  2. Under Language and input , selected English ( UK ) and My mother tongue ( Malayalam )
  3. Saved the preference.


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Open google website. At the bottom you will see setting. Go to setting / search setting / region setting / change it to United States. Then you will not get Hindi version.


Is this issue you face on the browser's site? Or app? You could always change the language from bottom...guess you've already tried this but wth hope your issue gets resolved soon enter image description here

  1. Please open Google app
  2. Tap to more button (right)
  3. Tab to settings
  4. Tab to search language
  5. Select or change your search language

Exuzme, I speaking English is weak 😅.

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