i just installed android x86 9.0c and i don't know why it doesn't boot on GUI mode and it boots only in commandline then after some seconds i can only see just a dash appearing and disappearing. I have tried to put my graphics settings to vboxvga and disabled 3D acceleration but it still doesn't work. What else i can do to fix this problem?

here you can see that its booted in commandline , after some seconds it becomes black and all i can see is just a dash appearing and disappearing


According to the answer here from Stack Overflow:

  1. Temporary fix: append nomodeset xforcevesa at the end of the line containing kernel during boot time at the GRUB menu. During boot press E to edit. While on the line containing kernel press E again, append nomodeset xforcevesa at the end, press enter, then press B to boot.
  2. Permanent fix: read the answer here.
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