So I've got an amazon fire tablet 10 and my younger brother was messing around with the settings and set the screen width to 100dpi as a prank and the phone's screen ended up turning black and he couldn't reverse it. I tried my luck with it but failed terribly while trying, I tried to use the fire toolbox to try factory reset it but that didn't seem to work well.

I then tried using the fire toolbox to try load the bootloader (even though I have little knowledge about it) and that option fell flat as well.

I usually use this tablet to test run projects that I found fascinating online but I can't do that anymore with this new-founded dilemma.

If anyone has experience resetting androids of any sort or more specifically amazon fire tablets, your inputs will be very much appreciated.


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Screen resolution is stored in userdata, factory reset will fix it. changed settings does not apply to recovery mode, you can enter by pressing Volume Up + Power buttons.

Note: factory reset from recovery will activate (FRP) factory reset protection. google play account is still required to unlock FRP afterwards

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