My device is Google Nexus 7 wifi only version.
I rooted this device by using Team Win Recovery Project.
I wanted to upgrade to android version 4.3 so I am looked at this article and video

I follow their instructions and I selected following items

  • Dalvik Cache
  • System
  • Cache

and wiped them all.

But unfortunately, I found out that there is no file in my device with such name


I need to get this file onto my device. But my device has no OS because I already wiped it. Now I cannot access my device using my pc ( win 7 ).

Could anyone please give me suggestions on how can I solve it.

  • Yeah, the advantages of external SDCards clearly show here. As you don't have such: have you tried booting into recovery, and copying the file via ADB then? – Izzy Oct 2 '13 at 9:47

Don't worry, you have a few options!

Option One: (I don't have an N7 anymore, so I don't remember if it supports adb push in TWRP. But I think it does) Boot into TWRP and use adb to push the file from your computer to your device. You can try to open a Windows CMD prompt or Linux Terminal Emulator, navigate to the local file, then do the following:

adb push AOSP-4.3-JWR66V-grouper-rooted_Androguide.zip /sdcard/

This will push the file to the /sdcard/ directory - which should exist already (Even on a Nexus device).

Option Two: Boot the device to Fastboot/Bootloader Mode and flash any of the Factory System Images via the fastboot tool. Because using fastboot can be intimidating. You could also use the Nexus 7 Toolkit to automate the process.

This will put stock Android back on your device, and will also remove TWRP. Fortunately, you can use the Toolkit or Fastboot to reinstall TWRP immediately afterward.

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