My Samsung Galaxy Mega with Android 4.2.2 will not allow me to uninstall an app (Gravity Screen 1.80.8) even when I stop its running service. When I select it from downloaded apps the Stop and Uninstall buttons are greyed out, even after waiting for over a minute. How may I remove it?

  • Take a look at the logcat mesages, if possible? – Volker Siegel Apr 23 '14 at 16:38

Download ES File Explorer and uninstall Gravity Screen by going to App Manager then select Gravity Screen and uninstall it.


Found this on YouTube:

Go to Settings -> Security -> Phone Administrators, then un-check this app and proceed to uninstall it by the usual means.


Open the Gravity Screen application. On the lower bottom there is uninstall button. You can uninstall from there.

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