Why when I enter Google Play Store using my LG-P875 phone, it shows only "No Connection Retry"? A few days ago I was deleting some apps and other stuffs to save up my storage space, and I wonder if I actually deleted sth that relates to the connection to Google Play Store. Please help me find a solution!

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    Welcome to Android Enthusiasts! In order to help you, we will need much more details – e.g. are you connected via mobile network or WiFi? Did your network show a connection? Are you able to access the network with a browser in those cases? Which Android version runs on your device? – Izzy May 14 '14 at 16:37
  • I've had that problem once. Maybe it's inapplicable for you, but is the phone rooted? If yes? Did you install an application for removing ads once> (e.g. AdAway) - You have to update the hosts files. Also what you could try is to set your DNS to and – user96765 Mar 4 '15 at 15:03

Many people right now have been experiencing this issue over LTE networks. As we speak I am also experiencing this issue and I am only able to use any google application over wifi using a Samsung Galaxy S5 -> Tmobile



EDIT: After about a day without google services unless on wifi, they have been restored on my device.

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