If I reset my Samsung Galaxy S1 to factory reset mode will i lose my photos my voice recordings and my notes? Because i really need those, but its been so long since i've used this phone and i forgot my password to the account and the only way to delete the account is to reset the phone to factory mode i have another account but it wont let me use it. Can someone help me?

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Depends if you have used memory card and saved it there, in which case they are safe and won't be deleted. it could be the reason why Ramzy Shah didn't lose his data, if he had external memory to save all private data on, or used some backup cloud service like Aravindan said.
I'd rather focus on either recalling your password or looking for a way to recover password, because once reset, it will erase all the data.

With that said, I think you'll find this guide very useful and recover your password :)
Good luck!


Yes. Surely you will lost your personal data, contacts and everything. To avoid this, you should Backup your files and everything to your SD Card. You can Restore it again to your mobile.

This following site will help you how to take backup and reset your mobile and then restore it back.


Thats all.. :-)


Usually you shouldn't lose any of those, only the settings you've made on the phone and applications you've installed on it. I've reset a phone to the default settings, but it was really long time ago so right now I can't remember in detail what exactly got deleted. However I would suggest you connect your phone to a computer and make a backup of the files you don't want to lose, just in case, but usually you really shouldn't lose any of this files, by resetting it.

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