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Is there a way to diagnose this camera issue? Like some kind of crash dump or log? [unrooted Galaxy Note 9]

After water damage, my phone camera had to be replaced. The camera worked after replacement, for a day or so. Then it came up with a black screen (menus are there, just no image). A reboot fixed that ...
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Access "data/tombstones/" dir from Android application

Trying to get access to "data/tombstones" directory from my rooted phone. I am implementing a crash collector application (system application) which would help to record the system's ANRs ...
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Do android app crash logs or system crash/kernel logs contain user data?

Do app crash logs/reports contain user data from the app, such as note contents from a note app? And if there is a full android system crash or kernel panic, is that log saved to the phone including a ...
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How to know if an app doesn't work because my phone doesn't support or it's just the app's fault?

When the internal storage (not the SD Card) in my phone is almost full, sometimes it makes some apps failed to be installed, but they will be able to be installed after I free up some space. I ...
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System UI crashes randomly

System UI crashes about 2 to 3 times a week. After looking at a few crash logs, it is the same every time. This information is generated from the Crash Log View application. -
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When some program crashes, how can I send the feedback to myself?

When a program crashes, I can view the crash info by clicking on send feedback, then preview. However it is sometimes quite inconvenient to go through the error log on the phone and I would instead ...
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11k views causes many Android apps to crash

Recently, apps that are fine an hour ago now crash when I open them. The crash report message seems to be caused by a null pointer exception (NPE) in Apps affected ...
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Music Player and Audio Recording Crashes Randomly

My Music Player can't play more than 5mins & 10sec after you stopped using the screen, same with my Audio Recorder and after the short records it stores as .3gpp.tmp which can't play on android ...
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system ( com.Android ) share from gallery app suddenly stops working and crashes

there is a prominent gallery app that I am using -f-stop . been using it for very long time and never had this issue . gallery app itself seems to be working but when I select more than one picture ...
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How do I diagnose the last shutdown? adb root?

Everything I've read indicates /proc/last_kmsg used to be how, however that seems to have changed with Android 6.0 (I'm on 8.1). I've also seen reference to /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops for Android ...
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Are there situations that a crashed Android app's task will remain running in the background?

Quick question to help me understand how my phone's performance is affected when an app terminates "irregularly". When an Android app crashes (or otherwise terminates irregularly), could the task ...
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Unfortunately (any) app has stopped. What should I report?

When one gets the ever popular "such and such" app has stopped, you get offered the option to report it. What are you supposed to say in the "report"?
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Enable asking to send crash report once answered with No

One of my app users had a crash when starting the app. The first time when he was asked "Send Crash Report?", he answered No. Now it's almost impossible to get to information about the bug, because ...
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Crash report: Enter key makes newline. How to send input?

i'm trying to send feedback on an app that crashes. I run the app, when it crashes i get a popup asking if i want to report it, which sends me to a Feedback form with: email to use Write your ...
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debugging frequent crashes/reboot with nexus 6p

Like many of you I eagerly awaited the release of the nexus 6p.. unfortunately it has been crashing a lot lately (a problem many seem to have). The first thing I tried was running a factory reset, ...
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How to find logs of unhandled exceptions in Android?

In Windows, when an application crashes because of an unhandled exception, there is a place called Event Viewer that gives a good amount of informative data about the process being crashed down. ...
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Is my phone hardware damaged?

Ocassionally when I use my phone, it crashes. EDIT: From analysing the pictures posted, we can conclude that the OP has an Asus Zenfone 2 (probably ZE551ML) running Lollipop 5.0 LRX21V. This is very ...
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Report bug for any app on Google Play

Is there a bug report feature which can be used to report bugs with any app hosted on Google Play? I'm thinking that most developers will welcome feedback on their apps, so would expect this ...
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How to SUPPRESS "Unfortunately [app] has stopped" messages?

I'm not trying to fix this error for any particular app. I'm just trying to fully suppress it globally because it's completely useless and very distracting to me whenever it occurs. How can I make my ...
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Can a novice user help to find a bug?

I found that my Nexus 5 suddenly rebooted itself. I'm not a programmer so is it possible to set my phone such that it sends automatically sufficient information to the developers why it rebooted ...
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Nexus 5. Needs factory reset, no access to AndroidOS., can't unlock or grant permission

I have a Nexus 5 updated to Android 5.1.1 just some days ago. Today I have installed this app: (I always only ...
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Cannot report app crashes

In the rare event that I get an app crash notification (unfortunately "app" has stopped working), I am never able to report the event. When I press the report button, I get a second notification, this ...
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Any way to disable the app crash dialog?

At least two times that I can remember, my phone has got stuck in a crash loop. That is, an app crashes, the OS starts it again in the background, then it crashes again. This repeats ad nauseam. This ...
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