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Google reader is a cloud-based aggregator for Atom and RSS feeds.

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Google Reader widget items blinking

I have both a smartphone (Motorola Defy/MB525 running CyanogenMod 9) and a tablet (a cheap "generic" Genesis GT1230 running some obscure custom ROM). When I add the Google Reader widget (official app),...
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How to specify a different audio player for use with Google Reader?

When I use the Google Reader app for audio podcasts -- e.g. linked MP3 files -- it pops up a simple player overlay to play the file (shown in screenshot). Is there a way for me to choose an installed ...
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How to view list of subscriptions in Google reader app?

Is there any way to view the list of my blog subscriptions in Google reader? Currently it is showing "no subscriptions". Is this a bug?
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Is there a way to have Google Reader sync much more aggressively? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I access my Google Reader entries offline? I commute via subway and I like to read my RSS feeds on the train, but I don't have any network connectivity at that point ...
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Is there a reason Google Reader drains this much battery?

It doesn't strike me as normal that Google Reader should drain more battery than even my screen. Is this a known bug, or is it a settings issue? I'm using 4.1.1
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Google Currents vs Google Reader

They appear to perform the same functionality... only difference I see is that Currents layout is more like a magazine. And I can import my Reader subscriptions to Currents. What's the difference ...
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How to force google reader app to download mp3s

When I subscribe to podcast RSS feeds with the google reader app then click the link to the mp3 Google reader starts streaming it with the selected media player rather than downloading the mp3 file to ...
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Google Reader App that fetches the full article content

I've been searching and hoping to find an app for Android that syncs up with Google Reader and has one key feature. The feature I'm looking for is the ability to fetch the entire news article that ...
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Keyboard scroll down in Google Reader app

How can I use the arrow keys in my keyboard to scroll down on a page in the Google Reader app? I can scroll down only via the tactile screen, which is not easy to be done when wearing gloves in ...
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How can I access my Google Reader entries offline?

I am without a mobile internet plan on my smartphone, hence I am looking for a way to, whenever I'm on wifi, download my Google Reader entries for me to read offline on the road. I don't mind ...
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Podcast app with Google Reader integration (Google Listen alternative)

I'm looking for a podcast app that would have the same features as Google Listen without the buggyness... From what I've seen, most apps that feature "Google Reader integration" only offer importing, ...
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How to add an old podcast episode to Google Reader, so I find it in my Google Listen app?

I subscribe to podcasts via Google Reader, which puts them on the Google Listen app on my phone. But there are some podcast episodes that are very old that I can see in reader which I want on my phone....
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How to delete gReader stored RSS feeds from Phone memory manually [closed]

I was just fiddling with gReader when I noticed that by default the application saves the feeds to the phone memory. So I immediately changed that to SD card memory. However, on doing this all the ...
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Google Reader is "de-syncing" [closed]

I've noticed that for the last couple of days any time I open or refresh the Google Reader app (the official one from Google) it marks the last 200+ items that are in my feed as Unread (which it then ...
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Google Reader Not Available in International Market [closed]

I was excited when they announced the official Google Reader app but I can't get it on the market. I am using my Android Device from Kenya, Africa and would want to know whether being in this region ...
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Is There an Official Google Reader App With Widget?

Does anyone know if there is an official app from Google for Google Reader? I would like an official app with a widget that displays the number of unread feed items. Good News! Google just added ...
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