Whenever Google released Android Marshmallow, I sideloaded it on to my Nexus 6 using adb sideload. After the release of Android Marshmallow, it took Google a few days before they released the OTA update packs for the Nexus 6, but as soon as they did, I jumped on the opportunity to upgrade to build MRA58K.

Since then, Google has released the November update for Marshmallow (there are two builds listed here for the November update, MRA58N and MRA58R) but I have still not received the OTA for it by waiting.

Although I was patient, I'm somewhat concerned now that we are gearing up for the release of the December patches while I still haven't received the November patches.

Should I be concerned about this, or is this normal? I found a nice list here of all the new builds added with the November update, and I'm unsure of whether I should sideload them or just wait in hopes of receiving the update in the standard way.

I also sideloaded the initial OTA for Marshmallow on my dad's Nexus 6, and he has also not received the update.

  • I usually get the updates within about a week of release on my Nexus 5. If you are unlocked and just one update behind, you might want to sideload it anyway. It should not make too much of a difference. – Dulanga Jayawardena Dec 3 '15 at 8:15
  • 1
    @AJDFHLOef That's what I did to get up to date. In the final days of Lollipop I was receiving OTAs within a week a well. – DaveTheMinion Dec 3 '15 at 10:35

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