I have the OnePlus Two phone whose screen was broken a while ago and i want to back up some of my pictures and videos which were stacked in its internal memory. Please note the below points for better understanding:

  1. Screen can show content but the touch is not responsive.
  2. I don't have an OTG Type C connector.
  3. USB Debugging was not active before phone was damaged.
  4. Need some software which can help me project my phone screen on laptop/pc so that i can draw patterns or do stuff like transferring of data to Google Drive etc. in short i can access phone over PC.

Please advise me suitably over the above as I need to get out of this quick.

Thanks in advance :)


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Even if you did not activate adb it may be active when the recovery is booted. (At least for recent versions of TWRP it is.)

Depending on what you want to do this may be enough. If it is not you could try enabling the OS's adb from recovery adb (see here for an example of the relevant configuration files). After this is done adbcontrol is can be used to remote control your phone using a computer and adb. If you use an unlock pattern that includes a polygon of swipes this will not help (a pin would be fine).

In this case you would have to reset the unlock code, but I messed up something on my phone which may have happened while doing this, so I am not comfortable giving you advice on how to do it. In any case make backups (e.g. via adb pull) even of you configuration files before doing any modifications.

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