I am using an older Android device which uses Android 4.2.2.
Older devices can not use the newer CPU profiler so I want to use systrace.

I tried using the current version of systrace but got the warning:

"Device SDK version < 18 (Jellybean MR2) not supported. Your device SDK version is 17." 

I found the links below, which gave me a link to download tools and adb, but I can not see systrace anywhere:

Where can I find the old systrace?


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I found the download page for SDK version 17 through https://web.archive.org.

After downloading, there was no platform_tools folder, so I checked tools to see adb_has_moved.txt which suggests that android.bat should be run to generate the folder. After execution, the SDK manager opens with the option to download platform_tools. This downloads platform_tools with systrace inside to the folder.

  • Unfortunately, systrace seems to be outputting the following error: C:/Python27/python.exe ./systrace.py --time=5 -o mynewtrace.html Traceback (most recent call last): File "./systrace.py", line 212, in <module> main() File "./systrace.py", line 124, in main ready = select.select([adb.stdout, adb.stderr], [], [adb.stdout, adb.stderr] select.error: (10093, '

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