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AirDroid is an app to allow for file management on an Android device using wi-fi and a desktop browser.

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How MDM and Remote Access Control apps obtain OEM platform key?

How MDM and Remote Access Control apps obtain OEM platform key? What's necessary do to obtain a OEM platform key? How these famous MDM and Remote Access Control do? TeamViewer AnyDesk AirDroid (...
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Is screen mirroring/remote control faster via USB or Wifi

I use Airdroid via wifi to remotely control the device from PC, but I also want a high definition mirroring. Is mirroring/remote control faster via wifi or usb? Thanks.
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Why is transmitting a file locally through AirDroid slower than downloading it from the internet?

I have a video file on my Android device (One Plus 7 Pro). I use the app AirDroid to download this file to my desktop computer through a web browser or application on the computer. This all happens ...
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Disable Airdroid keyboard by default

My problem is that whenever I connect to my Android 7 phone via Airdroid Mirror on Windows 10 the Airdroid keyboard gets activated. Of course I can deactivate the keyboard by clicking the keyboard ...
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Copying files from PC to "external" SD card

I've got AirDroid and SSHDroid installed on a ZTE Axon 7 running 7.1.1. The phone has a micro SD card in it, and it can access (read from) that card successfully. What I can't do is copy files onto it....
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Problem to uninstall AirDroid: Unfortunately, Settings has stopped

When I try to uninstall the app I got this message: Can't uninstall because this package is an active device administrator. In the same window I have a button: MANAGE DEVICE ADMINISTRATORS When I ...
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Remote log out of Google Apps

I had to leave my phone at a repair store and give them them the lock screen password. Is there anything I can do remotely to secure certain apps, such as Google Drive, Keep and Gmail? I know you can ...
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Access to smartphone with PC

I've reset my phone (Android 4.3) but because the touchscreen is not fully responding, I can't go through the initial tutorial and therefore using some apps like airdroid to remotely control my phone ...
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Take screenshot from AirDroid

I really need to know what other apps my child is using because I see him using his phone on a camera, but I don't know what does he do. Is he playing a game, working on some apps, or browsing... so, ...
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What's the point of Airdroid's "Find phone" feature if phone is not on the same network

I started using Airdroid today and was perplexed by how its "Find phone" feature works. As far as I can tell, my web Airdroid and my phone Airdroid are connected only when they are in the same local ...
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how to give airdroid root permissions on kitkat?

i have a rooted S4 Mini on kitkat 4.4.2 now they have changed the permission so normal applications cannot write expect a given location on the external sd card. (which is not bad as security). but ...
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How to share android screen with users outside LAN?

I work as a developer from home and I wish to demo the android app to my boss. He doesn't have an Android phone, so I have to demo the app from my phone and demo all scenarios for him from my android ...
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Show desktop of Android box on PC ala TeamViewer

How do I look at the dekstop of an Android box (that's connected to a HDMI display) on a PC? AirDroid comes very close, but it does not let the user manipulate the desktop. All other apps that I ...
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Airdroid modifies timestamps of copied files

MTP does not work in Ubuntu so I am using Airdroid to copy photos off my phone (Galaxy Nexus) to my computer (Ubuntu 12.04). My problem is that the files downloaded via Airdroid all have modification ...
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airdroid app FileManager doesn't access to sdCard

AirDroid is a impressive app, but I'm not able to access from pc to th SD content, only to the internal folders (also named sd card I think)
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