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Android devices with 3D displays, for medical, applications [closed]

I was wondering whether any Android devices, such, as, due as could be used for medical applications, Such as guided robotics surgery Could make use of 3D displays with holograph like immersion, that ...
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Hardware accelerated ffmpeg using MediaCodec on Android?

I've tried running for example ffmpeg -i 1_5111632628432240784.MP4 -c:v h264_mediacodec -c:a aac -b:v 1M -g 60 test.mp4 in Termux in different variations, which yields an output like this, regardless ...
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VM acceleration is not working on another VM for Android Emulator

We want to run our instrumented tests on Gitlab. We've created a Linux runner(amd64,Ubuntu 22.04) to execute connectedAndroidTest gradle task. However we've come across some obstacles. I have two ...
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VLC black screen, and Disable HW Overlays

I have a Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2, with rooted Android 4.1.2. I have installed VLC v3.0.13 on it - which is seemingly the last version that can be installed on Android 4.1.2 (all later builds of VLC ...
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SoC compute-resource usage monitor for single app

I need to understand the compute resource usage of a compute-intensive app; this includes the CPU (ideally including the core ID), GPU, DSP, AI Engine in the processor (for Quallcom chips). I have ...
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Difference between Android sensors (acceleration, gyroscope, rotation vector)

I have an Android 7 phone and I have written an Android application for recording the following sensor values: Accelerometer (Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER) Linear acceleration (Sensor....
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How do I check if my phone has hardware video encoder?

I own a Samsung j7 2016 and I did some search about the CPU and looked for information tools but I've found codec info but not hardware video encoder info anywhere. If you know any app or adb command ...
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"Significant Motion sensor" same as accelerometer?

I am trying to understand better the "Significant Motion" sensor: I know that I have accelerometer. Does it mean that the device also supports "Significant Motion sensor"? According to https://source....
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Any way to have hardware accelerated virtualization without changing HW?

when I installed Android Studio on my Windows box, at the end of installation it told me "Android SDK is up to date" but it complained that "your computer does not support hardware accelerated ...
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Do android games use the graphic card on a laptop?

I installed Android on my laptop as dual boot with indows 8.1 (I am not talking about virtualization or emulators). I have 1 GB NVIDIA graphic card on my laptop. So does Android use my graphic card ...
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Increase phone speed

My phone is sometimes freezed. I have installed and configured Clean Master and Battery Doctor, but it still slow. My Phone is Huawei Y300, running Android 4.1. What can I do for speed up the system? ...
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Setting up hardware accelerated Android emulation (HAXM) on Fedora or other RPM distributions?

I'm doing Android development, and the emulation is (unsurprisingly) slow. I see there's some documentation for setting up hardware acceleration (Intel HAXM) at
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How do I change Android screen orientation via simulating acceleration? [closed]

I have developed an app and I need to test it. I have borrowed some devices from my friends and bought a few. Now problem is that I want to test it in both landscape mode and portrait mode but I don't ...
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Is there a way to lower GPU load from Ice Cream Sandwich?

I have seen some mentions (including here on Android SE) that Ice Cream Sandwich may not necessarily run optimally (e.g. will be slow/lag) on devices with slower/older GPUs. I assume that's due to ...
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Video player for H264 videos for Adam/Tegra2?

It seems that the Adam is not fast enough to decode my H264 videos. With some players I get unsync audio, some skip video frames. Even usual PAL size (something around 500x300, far from HD). Ok, Those ...
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Is there any graphic-accelerated PDF reader for Android?

I use Adobe's Reader and ThinkFree Office, but they both are too slow. Any suggestions?
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