Adjusting the look-and-feel of your Android device to your liking.

There are many customizations possible, e.g.

  • using your favorite image as wallpaper
  • adjust your homescreens for special tasks (e.g. having one for work, one for game, one for on-the-road, ...), each with its special set of icons/widgets
  • include certain elements on your lock screen (e.g. show the next appointment or the weather)
  • placing things at your fingertips, like e.g. quick settings in your notification area

Please note that we have some special tags for similar topics, which you should give preference when they closer describe your questions heart without combining them with the tag:

  • a completely customized Android system which you can install ("flash") to your device
  • make your device act on certain events (e.g. activate WiFi when coming home, lower the volume when at work)

Other related tags might include:

  • icons to directly access certain functionalities
  • background images or animations for your homescreen(s)
  • the screen you usually see when switching on your device, and which can also be customized

If it makes sense, you can of course combine a related tag with the main tag (e.g. if you want to customize your lock-screen, the combination of and absolutely makes sense).