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2 votes

How do I know if my phone's touchscreen supports Electro Magnetic Resonance (EMR) technology?

If you scroll down on your linked page to the Noris Digital stylus, there is a section on compatibility which links to this pdf document The only mobile device I recognize are the Samsung mobile ...
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2 votes

Is there a stylus-based notepad app for Android?

Old question, but still an important question out there and all these answers aren't satisfying (anymore). I searched for apps for a couple of hours (october 2017) and this is my list (roughly sorted, ...
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1 vote

Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite Tablet Pen: Palm Rejection in Android

Not sure if they have any software incorporated that can do the palm detection. However, you can use an hand glove (buy one or make a DIY from an old sock) to prevent your palm to be detected as input....
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