I have LeEco Le 2 mobile. I am trying to download applications from Google Play Store - when I click on Install, it displays "Waiting for WIFI...".

I am on mobile data, but it is not downloading through mobile data.

How can I download apps through mobile data?


First, go to your settings and under Data usage select Cellular data usage. Check whether the Google Play Store, Google Services and Download Manager are allowed to use background data.

If this doesn't help, go to Apps and find the Play Store. Tap on Force Stop and then tap on Storage. Tap Clear Cache (you could also clear all the data with the second button). Lastly, tap on Permissions and make sure that all of them are granted to the app.

Finally, reboot the phone. Hope this helps.


Update the software first, go on 'setting' then 'software update' Download and install.


You can press the "Download" icon, click Settings, and choose "No Limits".


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