I'm having a bizarre issue with the Android Device Manager. Basically when I try to look up my Nexus 9 tablet, I cannot see its location, and it looks like this:

Device Manager screenshot

As you can see, it somehow does display the charge level and the name of the WiFi network it's connected to. More importantly, when I click the play sound button, it immediately starts ringing.

So this is clearly not true. How can I fix this and make it so that I can track my tablet's location again?

  • Wifi/ data could be off on the tablet preventing location finding – beeshyams Jul 20 '18 at 3:03

Managed to figure it out. Apparently this happens when location services are turned on, but fail to produce a location.

In my case, the tablet's location mode was set to GPS only, but the GPS sensors are busted and don't work. Switching to battery saving mode in Settings → Location solved this issue.

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