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Can't check 'Phone Audio' setting for a Bluetooth headset

I found this fix/workaround: Go to Settings, then Bluetooth. Turn off the Bluetooth and the screen should show a link for the scanner settings. Click the link to turn off "Bluetooth scanning." Then it ...
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Android Smart Lock: Why is there no option to use WiFi?

Some forums state the risk for the WiFi network to be spoofed. I don't understand how the risk is different: an attacker could spoof a Bluetooth device as well. The risk is different. It's not ...
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Does Bluetooth not work on devices without GPS?

This is a misunderstanding or a bug in the app. Bluetooth and GPS on a technological level have nothing in common. However Bluetooth can also be used for calculating your location e.g. by special ...
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Why do I need to turn on location services to pair with a Bluetooth device?

My understanding of Bluetooth is that applications using Bluetooth have direct access to the device MAC address for the purpose of pairing. I will assume this for this answer. If you can read MAC ...
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Record video with external bluetooth mic (ie headset)

This app worked better for me: Cinema FV-5 After installing the app, but before recording the video, do the following: Click Settings Click Audio Source Select Bluetooth Mic Then record your video.
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Prevent music players from auto play on bluetooth connect

Background Major part of this guide was extracted here: How to Disable Bluetooth Automatic Playback on any Android Phone The point of this guide isn't to disable Bluetooth music entirely, otherwise ...
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Is there a way to leave bluetooth on while turning cell service off - a near airplane mode?

Newer phones do not automatically turn off bluetooth when you enable airplane mode. On yours: Turn airplane mode on Then turn Bluetooth on
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Android Smart Lock: Why is there no option to use WiFi?

What you ask would certainly be possible, but it should be restricted to when a device is connected to a Wi-Fi network using sufficient security, i.e. WPA2 authentication/encryption. Probably it was ...
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My Samsung Galaxy trend plus wifi wont turn on

Do you have applied any update(custom or OTA) ? Custom: If you have upgraded your ROM before official release, high possibilites are there to face these type of problems. OTA: Very rare but possible ...
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Discover version of Bluetooth

Go to and search for your device: the site provides several info including Bluetooth version.
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Bluetooth input for video recording : Android 10, One Plus 7

Finally cracked it! Using any Bluetooth headset (even supporting BT 5.0) like Crossbeats and recording with stock camera app or with Open Camera with audio source set to external doesn't work. ...
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Disable Bluetooth auto connect for specific devices

Unfortunately, there is no explicit setting "do not autoconnect" for a Bluetooth device (wish there were). However, there is a workaround (as mentioned in askvictor's answer): In Settings, ...
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Can I use ADB without connecting over USB?

2020 Update: Android 11 enabled built in Wireless Debugging. Here's the official announcement on the feature, and here's a handy guide on how to connect ADB without cables, without root.
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Can an Android phone be used as a Bluetooth headset/speakers?

Here's a XDA article by Mishaal Rahman that basically says: Even without A2DP profile on Android (which is not implemented even in Android 8 yet), you can do a low-quality Bluetooth streaming via ...
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How do I determine which A2DP codecs my phone supports/is currently using?

In many cases, you need not go through this process, as valdikss now keeps track for many of the contributed results on his website https://...
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Bluetooth keeps turning on

It was the Firechat app for me. It'll be one of the most recent apps you installed if the Bluetooth started turning on out if nowhere.
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Displaying Bluetooth gadget's battery status on the phone

For some headphones, in order to see the battery percentage you have to enable the "Calls" button or something similar to that in the Bluetooth settings of the device.
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Why do I need to turn on location services to pair with a Bluetooth device?

The vendor is correct, you need to enable location services to scan for WiFi or Bluetooth LE devices. See bug #185370 for details. Google said they have fixed it in a 'future release' but according ...
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How do I unpair my Bluetooth Headphones from my phone without access to my phone?

I've found that I can long press the power button on the headphones to unpair them from the phone.
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Determine app that keeps turning on bluetooth

Check in Android settings. Security and privacy --> permission--> Turn Bluetooth on. Check which apps you want to keep enabled.
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Determine app that keeps turning on bluetooth

For me it was FireChat. With aSpotCat you can check which apps have the permission to turn bluetooth on/off.
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Bluetooth keeps turning on

You can find out what is activating bluetooth by going to Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth -> "..." -> Bluetooth control history. In my case it was the bike rental app for Paris "Velib" and sadly,...
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How to check supported Bluetooth Profiles on Android device

With USB debugging enabled, adb shell dumpsys bluetooth_manager | grep Profile` Output on a Mi 10i is as follows: Profile: GattService Profile: HeadsetService Profile: A2dpService Profile: ...
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How can I use one Android device as mouse and keyboard input for another Android device via bluetooth?

Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone should be what you're looking for. I hope this helps.
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How to add a physical keyboard layout

You should install extra keyboard layouts: . It is free and helps me to type on Mongolian language and included many other ...
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How to display the on screen keyboard when Bluetooth keyboard is connected

I am with an Android 9 tablet, and find the option as: Settings / System (languages, time ...) / Language & input / Physical keyboard ==> There is an option that reads "Show virtual ...
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Why do I need to turn on location services to pair with a Bluetooth device?

The OP asked about Pairing (the original, privacy-safe Bluetooth method to define a new, trusted relationship by confirming a code sent from the other device). For pairing, an app DOES NOT need: Scan ...
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Why do I need to turn on location services to pair with a Bluetooth device?

I will need to add my two cents to this -- being an app developer who needs to scan for Bluetooth LE health devices. I also need to do this in the background so the app can re-connect to the device ...
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How to answer phone calls in another phone via Bluetooth?

According to the answer to this Stack Overflow question: you can't. (It is possible for land lines though.) Or you can forward your calls from one phone to the other, either by changing the settings ...
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How to diagnose Android phone that is not working properly via vehicle bluetooth?

You can investigate who is guilty, but most probably you will not be able to workaround it. If your phone has Android version 4.4 or later you can collect Bluetooth HCI snoop log. Enable Android ...
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