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Bluetooth headset and HD voice

I've found that it's an issue of Skype application. E.g. Google Hangouts gives good sound quality with and without bluetooth headset both. I've filed a bug report here: https://community.skype.com/t5/...
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Plugging in wired headset opens Google App and changes volume, nonstop

I procured a second wired headset, and it works with the Maven. However, it does not work with the Galaxy S5. I got out my multimeter and tested each connection on each headset, and found that they ...
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Cannot undo "forget Bluetooth device"

I faced a similar situation. Following steps worked for me. Some of the steps might be redudent. 1) restart your phone 2) reset network settings (Setting> back and restore ) 3) change the phone ...
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Headset not found on Xperia L

After removing the pairing from the phone, the phone won't be able to see the headset in its normal mode any more. To connect to it again, you need to pair the phone with the headset again. To make ...
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Wired headset support on Android using USB-C

If it's a recent phone, it should work fine. The functionality referred to in the Logitech handsets is controlling the app on your phone. At worst, you may not be able to pause or start the music/...
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Couldn't pair with XXX because of an incorrect PIN or passkey

So, none of the things mentioned above worked for me. I ended up holding the connectivity button for like 10 seconds until it powered off and then held it for longer than the manual recommended, then ...
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Android reacts to a headset button press with a lag or not at all

I solved the problem. It turned out that Google Assistant prevented the button signal to be read by other apps. Turning off Google Assistant didn't help. I had to turn off a device in a list of ...
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How to play one-channel audio in both headphones?

Two of the comments made by @AndrewT have suggested to me the good solution: true mono audio shouldn't be a problem when played on stereo speaker (it will play the same waveform on both left & ...
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Android headset connectors/adapters for a wired headset, what do I need?

Android has two standards OMTP and CTIA/AHJ, whether it is a headset only or a headset with built in mic. Details in answer Why external microphone doesnt work on some Androids (like LG G5) (this ...
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Use bluetooth microphone in Google Assistant

I had the same problem with Google Voice Access. I came across these instructions, which seem to be for Google Assistant. Executing them did not seem to affect the desired change in Voice Access, but ...
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Record audio from Bluetooth headset

You need to use an app that supports recording with a Bluetooth headset like: cinema fv-5 lite
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