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Generic tag for questions regarding the built-in Android Calendar app as well as calendar apps in general. If applyable, please use a more specific tag like e.g. 'google-calendar' or 'jorte'. See the full tag wiki for details and hints.

What is a calendar?

Really? No. But specific to our beloved Android devices: they may support multiple different calendar types you might not be aware of:

  • the is synced with Google servers, thus up-to-date on all associated devices, and even accessible via its web frontend. This calendar usually is available on all Android devices
  • a "PC Sync" calendar is featured by some devices, and intended to be synchronized with a PC companion such as Outlook
  • some devices also offer a "local only" calender, where everything is stored solely on the device itself
  • some devices also feature an calendar to be synchronized with MS Exchange servers

All of those integrated into the "stock" calendar app. Up to here we were not speaking about...

Third-party calendar apps available at the Playstore

  • : one of the most famous third-party calendar apps and, at the time I write this, the only one having its own tag here at the Android Enthusiasts

Other related tags

  • can be used in combination if your issue is about synchronizing your calendar, or
  • if you need to sync with a MS Exchange server via ActiveSync