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For issues with the Yahoo! mail app or the service of the same name.

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How to troubleshoot Yahoo mail Android app that shows empty error pop-up on login attempt

As part of migrating to a new Pixel 7 phone and accessing email for her work, my spouse installed the Yahoo Mail app, which shows three options, login with Yahoo, login with Google, and create new ...
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Getting a timeout error when trying to reach Yahoo mail through all apps. That's the only site with an issue. Samsung s20 fe 5g 1ui4.0

Received a replacement s20fe last week and haven't been able to reach Yahoo mail since. It times out or returns a 'This page isn't working' message. Can't even get through with the Yahoo mail app. No ...
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Inexplicable possible automated event

I'd like to understand the cause of this: I put the smartphone on airplane mode After some hours I turn off the airplane mode, and activate internet connection Suddenly, after having lowered the ...
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Turn on / off Conversation threads

I have just purchased a Samsung A51 / S51 and use Yahoo Mail. Emails now are placed in conversation threads which makes viewing confused. Apparently you can toggle this option on or off either via ...
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add yahoo mail to android phone having two step verification active?

Any help? I want to get rid of the lousy Yahoo app on android. it has a lot of problems regarding notifications.. But when I try to add yahoo account in the Android-Email app, it says: Login failed:...
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Replies from Yahoo Mail sent from Samsung showing up in gmail account

For some reason, when I send an email from my Yahoo account from my Samsung 8+, the replies come into my Gmail account. When you look at the email reply, it clearly says "mailto:myyahooaddress" yet it ...
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Contact sync with android Yahoo app

I have email contacts in my Yahoo mail app that were deleted from the web version (I haven't synced with the web version) If I do sync will I loose the contacts from my phone (I dont want to loose ...
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E-mail links do nothing when I click on them

Some links in my yahoo email will not open or do anything when clicking or long pressing on them . Ones that work are in emails that I have clicked on always show pictures . The emails that did not ...
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Turn off Yahoo News notifications without turning off email notifications

I just recently downloaded the Yahoo app to get my email on, and I am constantly getting notifications from Yahoo News. I want to turn off the news notifications but not the mail notifications. I ...
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Frequent login failure on Yahoo Mail from GMail app

I have added my Yahoo Mail account to Gmail app on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3, latest Gmail version) However, ~5 times out of 6, the app fails to log in to Yahoo (the username/pwd and ...
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How can I stop yahoo starting up (trying autorun manager by mob)

Yahoo mail is starting automatically How can I stop it from doing so? I have tried autoruns MobiWIA - AndRS Studio which ...
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SNS has gone can't be re enabled again

Following this thread I have disabled the SNS service now Yahoo mail app does not notify for Facebook ...
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How To Create A New Gmail Contact Or A Yahoo Mail Contact From Android Device

I would like to create a new Gmail contact or Yahoo mail contact from my Android device. It's a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.4.2. I've tried looking in the Yahoo mail app, the Gmail app, and ...
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Yahoo Mail App - Send Email To Contact List

I have created several contact lists in my Yahoo e-mail account by using Yahoo's website via Internet Explorer. I would like to send an e-mail to one of the contact lists from my Android phone (which ...
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How to import Yahoo Mail contacts into Google?

I need help with importing my Yahoo Mail email addresses to my Gmail contacts list, using a Samsung Galaxy S4. Whenever I try to email anyone from my Gmail contacts list, I can't because they aren't ...
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Text disappears when attachments are downloaded

Using AG&G Yahoo Mail on HTC EVO. When I open mail there is message text which I can read. When attachments finish downloading the message text disappears never to be seen again. I can read ...
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Can I get my Galaxy 4 to put sent emails on my server?

Just got a Samsung galaxy S4 mini (had an ancient Nokia before). When I go back to my web email (its Yahoomail), all my emails are marked as read even if I havent looked at them on the galaxy, (I can ...
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Why does the email app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 keep loading old messages and telling me they're new?

So I've recently upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the iPhone 4. I seem to have correctly added my yahoo mail account. However, every time the phone checks for mail, it will indicate that I ...
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How to turn off Yahoo Mail notifications in 4.1.2.?

I just upgraded my Android OS to 4.1.2. and the Yahoo Mail is pushing audible notifications again (I had disabled them in the previous version of OS). When I go into the app, there is no settings in ...
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Email application not displaying message bodies

Below is a picture of the problem one of my users is having on their VZW Motorola Droid RAZR running ICS. The picture (click to enlarge) is a screenshot of the default email application configured to ...
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Cannot set up a yahoo email account with address (.au not accepted)

The mail app on my Samsung note does not allow me to set up my email account with the full Yahoo address: it does not permit adding the .au at the end of the address. If set up the account like this, ...
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Why does the Yahoo Mail application for Android only show message snippets in search results?

When I do a search in the Yahoo Mail application and then open one of the search results, instead of seeing the entire message I only see a message snippet. Is there a way to view the entire original ...
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