Write a script in your PC, look for 'reboot' argument, and execute your own command instead. I do not know how a Window's compatible script would look like, but this is how a simple bash script would look like. #!/bin/bash ADB="PATH_TO_RENAMED_ADB_BINARY" if [[ "$1" == "reboot" ]] && [[ -z ${2} ]]; then # $1 is the first argument received by adb ...


As Irfan and Andy have already said. A custom ROM is just a ROM that is from a third party and has now been developed to boot on your device. A quick look is every android can boot a custom ROM but getting a ROM that is bug free, that is, if it can at all boot on your device. Booting a ROM on a phone requires an appropriate boot image containing a kernel ...


Remember that the custom ROM package will include the boot image too. And on A/B partition devices, the recovery rests is in the boot image. So, if the custom ROM has written your boot image, then your TWRP should be gone. What will load will depend on the recovery included in the boot image. It could be stock, something else or nothing.

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