Getting apps or data from the Internet onto your Android device. Please see the full tag wiki for related links which might better fit your question or should be used additionally to better describe your issue.

In general, downloading can mean getting files from any remote computer or server to a local computer. On this site, has come to be used more specifically for transfers to the Android device over a network (whether that's a local Wi-Fi network or the Internet).

Use this tag whether you're downloading , , or other data, and whether you're using a or a special-purpose app. For questions relating to downloading within an app that has wider functionality, such as or , please include this tag alongside the tag for the app. If the question's specifically about the Downloads system app, use .

For internet-related questions that aren't specifically related to downloading apps or data, you might instead want to use , , , , or something more specific.

If you're interested in installing apps onto your phone from a PC (instead of an app market), the relevant tag is . If you're installing a new ROM or firmware onto your device, use the tag. Even though this process can be called downloading and may use the download mode of your device, it would be confusing to use the same tag for downloading things over the Internet as well as installing ROMs.