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Suspected malware on stock apps in a Mediatek mtk65* based phone

I am sorry but you totally misinterpret the scanner results. In both cases one of 61 scanners has detected something - that looks more like a false-positive. Additionally the scanners that detected ...
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Is knowing the MTK processor version sufficient to get the right twrp image on Android device?

It doesn't work that way. TWRP depends heavily on the fstab of the device model in question, which describes the partition layout of the storage. This is not related to the SoC (processor), and ...
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SP Flash Tool does not recognize the firmware scatter file

The ROM you provided does not contain a valid scatter file or recovery.img so you can not use SP Flash Tool. I recommend you to make a backup of boot, copy the boot.emmc.win to PC, then to another ...
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What is a "Download Agent" and what is it for?

Its a file used in flashing roms (or parts of the rom) for example for the SP Flash Tools. This file has info in it that tells the tool how to flash to the device. You don't flash the DA file so it ...
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My Android TV seems to be rebooting frequently in sleep mode and causing ADB to be disconnected, why?

Figured it out myself. The TV has three modes for remote power on: Off Through network Through application (ADB) If you choose the third option, the TV periodically "pre-power on" itself ...
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Mtkclient | mediatek phone won't boot into brom/boot rom mode

This is due to Motorola disabling the ability to boot into brom mode on newer Mediatek devices. I have the Moto G 5G 2022(Metro PCS) and I have unlocked the bootloader and rooted with Magisk, I think ...
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Help with flashing stock ROM on Nokia 3.1 (Mediatek MT6750)

I had the same problem as you, after looking in a lot of forums I managed to solve it, I hope it helps you. My phone was no longer able to access the recovery, nor fastboot. After trying lots of Rom ...
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Errors after MIUI ROM flashing with TWRP

Do not install any Gapps over Xiaomi EU Stable ROMs. The ROM already has Gapps and installing another Gapps can cause conflict. Flashing the ROM without Gapps solved the problem for me.
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Flashing TWRP to MTK device with SP Flash tool not working

When you boot directly into TWRP after flashing TWRP patches the stock system recovery-from-boot.p file by renaming (modifying) it: rename"/system/recovery-from-boot.p", "/system/recovery-from-boot....
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Is it safe to delete nvram folder?

After a backup, I tried to delete the nvram folder (via adb root ; adb shell ; su - ; mv /data/nvram somethingelse). I do confirm that this folder is created from scratch when you reboot the device. ...
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What are .vm files inside /mtklog/audio_dump folder?

A MediaTek SoC based Android phones usually ships with a lot of "MediaTek Apps" that much of the apps has logging turned on by default. Logging is used to debug or in layman's terms "Identify bugs, ...
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How the device (that is off) decide how to publish itself for USB: "MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM port" or "MediaTek USB Port" device?

I can't see the question here ? Are you asking what the driver is for ? Please have a look at this video to understand what the preloader is, MTK Backup & Restore The Mediatek Preloader ...
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Where does the partition information in /proc/dumchar_info come from, on MTK devices?

/proc/dumchar_info is provided by the dumchar driver, which reads the partitioning info from a header file generated during the build process and compiled in when the kernel is built. This header file ...
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Not able to tick items in SP Flash Tool after selecting scatter .txt file.How to check Boxes?

You need to select a file to write each partition you want to select. Double click on the location column for the partition you want to write to and select an img file, e.g. twrp.
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