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Salvage Android Phone as Linux-Server (radio/wifi hardware broken)

I solved by myself so I'm sharing so it might be useful for others. Deeper disable wifi/radio = recompile android Linux Kernel disabling wifi/radio drivers First I tested the Lineage OS custom ROM for ...
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Can I really tell where the tower is that I'm connected to?

From app blogs Methodology explains how they collect data Crowd Sourcing (already pointed in comments) Monitoring users who installed app continuously So, the accuracy pretty much depends on how ...
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Can I flash a separate radio image and have a working radio?

(Previous) Nexus 4 owner reporting in. People at XDA had long been using hybrid modems with custom ROMs like CM. It seems specific versions are needed for each major Android version (JB/KK/LP+), but ...
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How to disable RIL on Android?

1. how to stop rild note: tested on android 4.4 try1 kill -9 `pidof rild` it'll auto start a new rild try2 stop service rild not work for me. try3 stop ril-daemon this worked, found it from /etc/...
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How can I find out which bands my phone supports

Phones based on Qualcomm Snapdragon, like the padfone X, have their band settings stored in NVRAM, in a field called rf_bc_config. This will be set in the factory to match the band choices embedded ...
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Is it possible to force an app to use cellular data instead of WiFi?

NetGuard and AdGuard will both allow you to accomplish your stated goal. Both apps allow you to specify whether each installed app on your Android device can use WiFi, cellular data, or both (try ...
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Is it possible to force an app to use cellular data instead of WiFi?

Yes you can do this. On my phone you go into Connection Settings and in Data Usage you can choose which app to make a "Mobile Data Only" app.
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How to find nearest cell tower location?

On most non-Samsung phones you can dial number *#*#4636#*#* and get a detailed report of the cell tower including in some cases for CDMA towers the actual Latitude and Longitude: For other towers ...
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Display Name of Connected Cell Tower

OpenSignal have an App which will give you a lot of information about the tower that you are connected to, which direction it is in, which other towers are available in the area, including ones on ...
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Can you use cell tower triangulation without a SIM card?

SIM cards are not required for cellular connection. They are just some sort of ID method. For example: If a phone has AT&T SIMCard, the configuration in the SIMCard will let it connect to AT&...
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How can I find out which bands my phone supports

For those having rooted snapdragon-based device there is an easy way to obtain LTE bands supported by radio hardware. Free app found at https://t.me/ru_fieldtest_modemcaps/5 could show you explicit ...
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APN Settings: What Does Each Setting Do?

Found this as part of a search that lead me here: Name (APN) A user-chosen name to apply to this APN configuration. This name has no effect at all on the connection, and is only used as a label. APN ...
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No service on Blackview BV 5500 Pro with Lineage 17.1

Update So, actually, I've tried to install magisk, which I believe is the culprit. Following the documentation, since this model does not have Ramdisk memory, I've patched the recovery.img file using ...
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How to read signal strength of all frequencies received by antennae

Here is my output in /dev: RMX1911:/ $ ls /dev ls: /dev/event-log-tags: Permission denied ls: /dev/.coldboot_done: Permission denied ls: /dev/cgroup_info: Permission denied __properties__ ...
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Can I install an uncertified eSIM profile provisioned by myself on Android?

In order for your handset to establish secure communications with the SM-DP+ and then download and install a eSIM profile, the SM-DP+ will require 3 certificates signed by the GSMA's certificate ...
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Can I use a US SIM card on my xiaomi Note 8?

Try and see. To control the sims Settings Connections Sim Manager You can enbale / disable them here.
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Why do cell phones don't really turn off (unless battery removed)?

A telephone that is not in contact with the local cell phone tower cannot detect an incoming call. When someone places a call to your phone, you probably want to get notified that your phone is ...
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app or widget or other solution for turning just cellular radio off/on

Well you can always use Tasker. More information on how to use tasker at: https://tasker.joaoapps.com/userguide/en/index.html
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Can an android phone be converted to SDR using its radio hardware interfaces?

It is very hard because usually radio drivers are proprietary But there is Nexmon project that turn nexus 5 into SDR
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Is it possible to completely disable radio signal in a phone without a SIM card?

As of now, I've found a way to accomplish what the question asks. This solution has been tested on CyanogenMod 12.1 and 13. From the Terminal Disabling RIL If the operation is not to be performed ...
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How can I find out which bands my phone supports

You can find the frequency of a device (as long as it was sold in the USA) by searching the devices FCC ID. This is a unique identifier used for authorizing the device to transmit at licensed ...
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How do I troubleshoot inconsistent call quality?

I experienced a similar problem on my OnePlus One a few months ago. I fixed it by disabling "Ok Google" detection from any screen in the Google app settings. Apparently, the always on voice detection ...
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Will the 2015 Nexus phones (5X, 6P) work with any US cell provider?

All major US carriers and Project Fi: Link to Android Police So that means any US-version Nexus 5X and 6P unit will work on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Boost, MetroPCS, Cricket, Google's ...
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Enable LTE on Nexus 6 with Lollipop

Chances are most likely that the SIM card you are using is not LTE enabled. You can check with the service provider on upgrading the SIM. Once the SIM is upgraded, install Open Signal application in ...
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How to display cell info display (CID) on screen?

Try Cell Info Display app available on Google Play. Cell info display will be useful to know about the locality information in case of any travel to new location. Limitations: This application works ...
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