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How to make android prefer mobile data when wifi signal is very weak

From Android 5 onwards, there's a setting in the Developer options called Aggressive WiFi to mobile handover. Enabling this setting makes your phone switch to mobile connection when the WiFi signal ...
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RSSI range for WiFi icons

I didn't look back through older versions, but here's information accurate as of Android 7.1.2. The code that performs the transformation from RSSI to signal "level" is found in the WifiManager....
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What information can you extract from Wifi networks without connecting?

The following information can be found when the device is near a Wifi Access Point (AP) even though the device isn't connected: Apart from ESSID and Signal strength, MAC (for associated access ...
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Why are these different Android maximum upload and download speeds?

I would assume that the different maximum up/dl speed are a result of different LTE implementations. LTE exists in quite a few versions with different capabilities regarding the maximum transmission ...
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Any method to enabled n28b band on MIUI phone?

The phones are locked for bands because they are not allowed to use other bands in that country. So they can be locked by the manufacturer or Telco/Provider. Even if you can unlock it, it may not have ...
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Can any other programs affect receiving WhatsApp messages when in use?

One app can't influence another in this fashion. I have seen this on my phone on these conditions Airplane mode is on Mobile data is off The phone has dicey or no connection to the mobile network.
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Nexus 5 signal drops immediately when making call

Recently I have installed Lineage OS Android 8.1.0 (Oreo) custom ROM in Nexus 5. It has resolved the issue and I'm able to make calls successfully now. I believe there should be some issue in Android ...
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Auto refreshing the signal

I suggest you try an automation app in this case. For example: You can use Automate app here. (Click image to enlarge) The block for Airplane mode is available under Connectivity category. (...
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How do I troubleshoot inconsistent call quality?

I experienced a similar problem on my OnePlus One a few months ago. I fixed it by disabling "Ok Google" detection from any screen in the Google app settings. Apparently, the always on voice detection ...
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