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How does carrier/network lock work? How is it implemented?

Carrier locks work at SoC/bootloader level. In simple terms the modem - which has its own Baseband Processor - is tuned to certain frequencies / bands or programmed to register with only one MCC/MNC ...
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What are the various ways an Android phone can be locked?

Rooting is the process to modify core OS components so that apps/processes can be run with high privileges (UID 0). See details in How Magisk works? and How to manually root a phone? Rooting is not ...
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Is SIM network unlocking using app normal if phone simply expects a code?

Such unlock apps aren't official. They employ various methods of unlocking based on the information they gather from the app installed and querying from supposedly authentic database of unlock codes. ...
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Does putting an unlocked phone on a no-contract plan lock the phone in any way?

No one locks your phone when you haven't purchased it from them with a contract - your S5 will stay unlocked when you use it with Ting or anyone else. Of course, different carriers do need different ...
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How to prove that the bootloader of a device is unlockable when it currently shows as locked?

All Pixel's are bootloader locked by default, Google retail models can be unlocked easily while Verizon models cannot. In the comments, you said "The question is how to PROVE it is not a Verizon ...
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Will my phone still be unlocked after I install CyanogenMod?

No! CyanogenMod will wipe the DATA partition, all the CACHE partition and the SYSTEM partition while installing. It will not affect anything about lock/unlock of sim card.
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Need security pattern to unlock my new blu tablet

Return the tablet. It isn't new, if someone has put a lock pattern on it. This could be carelessness by the supplier, sending out a tablet that isn't new, or it could be fraud by one of their staff. ...
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Blocked SIM card and getting asked for PUK on Lineage OS 17.1

You have SIM password. You enter wrong password. Then it ask for PUK code. PUK code is link with sim card. Use sim on normal mobile. Is it ask PUK code. You can get PUK code from customer care. You ...
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How to use phone calls without code?

Yes. Go the Google Play and download this app. If it isn't exactly what you are needing, get back to me and I'll find something more appropriate for your needs. Is your phone rooted? That helps a lot ...
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How can I check whether my phone is network locked (Samsung GALAXY S3)?

You can check easier just asking a friend to lend you their sim from another carrier for a minute, insert it and if it is locked the phone will ask you for a code.
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Will this "SIM Free" Android phone for sale near Osaka (Japan) work in Europe and North America?

This is the JP/TW variant of ZenFone 3 Max - detailed specs here. From the listed LTE bands, it's missing the crucial Band 20 (wide coverage) for European countries and main bands for major carriers ...
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Will flashing a custom ROM relock me with SIM carrier?

I made it in 2 Samsung Galaxy S5 (Sprint) and it worked. They were unlocked and I flashed LineageOS. But keep in mind, if you want to do this, flash the appropriate ROM. In this case, I flashed the ...
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I'm with Virgin Mobile; should I buy Unlocked or Sprint-locked?

I'm just wondering which one, locked or unlocked, will provide me with the easiest process when setting up the S5- or whether there'll be a difference. If you're buying the phone from the same ...
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Does rooting an android phone effectively also unlock it from network

Unfortunately not. Rooting gives you access, unlocking allows you to use a phone with other networks.
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Too many pattern attempts with no data connection? GS1

Method 1: (If you have rooted device and activated adb from developer options on your phone previously. I have mentioned it here so it may help others.) Download and install adb kits and driver from ...
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After dead-zones carrier is dropped until restart

Solved it myself after tinkering with it for the last day. While not recommended, it is possible to flash the Galaxy with other carrier's "version" of the android OS. So the old stock Sprint operating ...
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