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How to update Galaxy S4 to Lollipop or Latest Android version?

You can easily update your Galaxy S4 to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop without root. As you have shared the screenshots, it shows your device is up-to-date but your region might have not received the latest ...
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Seeing the full text of a long notification

You can expand it by touching the notification and dragging down. The touch part of the gesture is very brief, so it feels like a single, quick gesture. This works on Android 7.1, I can't confirm for ...
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Media player doesn't show songs

Note this part in your description: ...The songs will not show up unless I restart the application several times... Every reboot or finished USB connection will broadcast a android.intent.action....
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How can I recover my phone (factory reset doesn't work)?

Get factory firmware here. There are versions matching exactly what you have (scroll down below), though ideally you need the one that also matches your SKU (region). It should come with instruction ...
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Disable gmail notifications for certain labels during certain hours

You can use the app Quiet for Gmail, it will enable/disable the synchronization based on your schedule. And you set it up to disable synchronization just for your work email account and leave your ...
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How to factory reset phone when I can't find the factory reset option?

Posting this as answer in case anyone else runs into this. It turns out that I had manually disconnected my Google account years ago, when I switched to a new phone. By reconnecting the Google ...
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How can I check the commit message of AOSP

The Google Issuetracker offers an easy way to know the status of an issue: the sidebar. Like any other issue tracking software, there are many different statuses an issue can be in. To help clarify ...
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Is there any method of installing Xposed framework on non-rooted devices with stock recovery?

Wasn't interested in going back to answer my post, however its pretty funny how things that were deemed impossible 5 years ago are becoming possible as technology age, anyway there seems to be ...
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How to Disable Speed Dial?

While this solution does not disable speed dial it does make the phone less sensitive to pauses, and makes dialing when talk back and explore by touch are both active much friendlier. Suggestion by a ...
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System apps location on Android Jelly Bean

To my knowledge, before Kitkat .apk files of system apps all went to /system/app. Kitkat added the /system/priv-app directory. The structure having an additional directory level came later (LP or MM). ...
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Quick way to switch between pasword-protected screen and no protection?

Yes, you can. Go to Settings ➡ Personal ➡ Lock Screen and Security ➡ Secure Lock Settings ➡ Smart Lock. Here you will find these four options: On-body detection seems to be exactly what you're asking ...
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Alarm is working even when the phone is powered off

On my Redmi 7, my Clock app Settings -> Additional alarm settings, has a feature Shutdown alarm, which I can disable so that the alarm does not go off after the device is powered off. It's a very ...
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Manually edit the bluetooth pairing list, phone keeps overwriting it with old list. How to stop that?

I did exactly the same thing successfuly by editing the bt_config.xml file in A HEX VIEWER in my PC and copying/replacing it using the Aoma Manager. My phone now connects automatically to the new ...
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Where is the scheduled message option?

I was upset at this at first. But, because I rely so heavily on scheduling messages and didn't want to clog up my memory with yet another app just so I can schedule messages, I looked harder. The ...
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Get the original photos after using PhotoSphere?

It is possible: After shooting your photosphere, take a file manager and find the folder that corresponds to your photosphere shooting time. It will have the timestamp in the folder name in a ...
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Folder on phone not showing in Windows

Just create the dir on the pc first then copy it over to the sd card/phone storage. you can either put in the contents into folder first and copy over or just the folder first. as long as the folder ...
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Android 4.3: How to get the notification history

A few popular devices like Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, LG V20 completely removed Android's default Notification Log. If your device has no Settings shortcut in Widgets, you need to use third-party ...
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